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Govt hits back at GSD in spat over cleanliness

Photo by Christian Ferrary

The Gibraltar Government has accused the GSD of “cheap sniping” as the spat over Gibraltar’s cleanliness continued yesterday.

In a statement No. 6 Convent Place insisted the GSD has “selective vision” on the subject and cannot acknowledge the good things around Gibraltar.

“They also seem not to be willing to call a spade a spade and to accept that there are other players in Gibraltar than just the Government,” it added.

“It is right that every citizen should take pride in our community, and the vast majority certainly do, but some do not, and it only takes a relative few to make a significant negative impact.”

The Government said it has encouraged urban renewal in such places as the old Police Barracks, Tariq Views and Plata Villa, and has removed long term rubbish hotspots such as Chatham Counterguard, Mess House Lane, Turnbull’s Lane and Prince Edward’s Road and is actively working on many others.

Additionally, it flagged the refurbishment of Wellington Front, Europa Point Magazine and the two new St Bernard's Schools in the Upper Town.

The Government added that it also has an active Litter Committee which, it said, had been done away with in the GSD days.
It works with many departments and Agencies and NGOs, and has led on a number of initiatives.

“But the citizen, and businesses, must also step up to the mark and do their bit to keep our streets clean and tidy,” No. 6 said.

The reference to the Skywalk is a typical GSD distraction tactic, the Government claimed.

“The Skywalk is cleaned twice daily. Being where it is, it is exposed to the elements and to the monkeys, who haven’t yet learnt to follow instructions on their toilet habits.”

“But then, Skywalk couldn’t be anywhere else.”

“And it is proving to be a tremendous success with the hundreds of tourists who visit it daily,” No. 6 said adding that the skywalk has “become a victim of its own success”.

“As is well known, the Government is embarked on a review of the major cleaning contract, through the tender process, and the time it is taking is precisely because the independent tender board is being thorough and meticulous in arriving at a decision.”

“As with everything else, the GSD are quick to criticise works in progress, but fail to acknowledge success when the Government completes the process and actually proves that it was the right thing to do all along.”

If anyone needed to test the credentials of this Government, they should consider the example of Commonwealth Park, No. 6 added.

“Under the GSD it was a very scruffy, dilapidated car park and then the same party had the nerve to criticise the Government's plans for a new Park.”

“In fact, this initiative has turned out to be one of the most attractive and successful Government investments ever made.”

“So, let the GSD continue with its policy of cheap sniping and leave this Government to carry on with its policy of constant improvement to the environment in which we all live.”

Photo by Christian Ferrary

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