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Govt lashes back at GSD over BEAT 3.0 claims

Eyleen Gomez

The Gibraltar Government has described as “pure fantasy” the GSD’s claims that it had no forward knowledge of the BEAT 3.0 scheme before it was announced in the Gibraltar Parliament recently.

No.6 Convent Place was reacting after the GSD was critical of the government’s claim that the Op-position had agreed to the third phase of the package designed to help local businesses ride out the Covid-19 pandemic.

“It is incredible and irresponsible for the GSD to state that they did not agree the Beat 3.0 measures when they 100% know, as the whole of Gibraltar does, that these measures are simply a continuation of the same previous measures,” No.6 said in a statement.

“To pretend as they do that they did not know of these measures is pure fantasy."

“Every businessperson in Gibraltar will now know that the GSD cannot be trusted to tell the truth.”

The government said the BEAT measures had been successful in supporting businesses and protecting jobs, as intended.

It said this had been welcomed by the CELAC committee and by the Chamber of Commerce, the GFSB and Unite, which No.6 said had acknowledged the support had kept job losses to a mini-mum.

“Mr Clinton should control his excited and unwarranted support for his GSD election colleague, Mr Yeats as no workers or catering industry businesses have been thrown under a bus by these measures,” No.6 added.

“It seems when it comes to his own political colleagues, Mr Clinton wants to spend more tax payers money as the measures he himself agreed, are now not enough.”

“The government understands that the vast majority of catering establishments welcome and appreciate the significant financial support they have received at this difficult time.”

“For some of them, it will never be enough.”

“It is extraordinary that the GSD should be supporting these.”

“The entire business community has welcomed these measures.”

No.6 was also critical of GSD Leader Keith Azopardi, urging him to refrain from suggesting the government statement was a “lie” as he wrote in a recent tweet.

“He knows the truth and it is about time he showed the political maturity Gibraltar expects from its political leaders, especially at this challenging time,” No.6 said.

“With the government facing up to generational challenges such as Brexit and Covid-19, this childish and misleading outbursts from the Leader of the Opposition are pathetic.”

“The Government maintains that the financial support provided is significant, fair and reasonable as the entire community acknowledges, even if some of the GCA committee members continue to promote restaurants abroad on their social media feeds.”

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