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Govt schools motion draws stinging reaction from GSD

The GSD has hit back at the “self-congratulatory and self-serving” motion the Government intends to move in Parliament over its schools programme, in light of the fact that the vast majority of teachers have criticised the lack of consultation on the plans.

In a statement the GSD described the motion as “astonishing” that in that context the Minister for Education should seek to have Parliament commend the Government for the consultation process it is running.

“The Motion is the height of political arrogance in the Government seeking to pat itself on the back on a consultation process that has been deeply flawed and widely criticised,” the statement read.

“The reality is that the Government should be redoubling its efforts to achieve proper and meaningful consultation and not pretend it has done a good job in that respect so far.”

The GSD reiterated that it has welcomed the decision to invest in Gibraltar’s schools.

There are however aspects of the proposed projects that the party is in disagreement with or that it feels need to be more carefully planned.

“Only on Tuesday, we made the point there had to be an educational case for the reforms,” the party said.

“In that respect we do not consider that the proposed provision of school meals should be rushed through.”

There is a big question mark about whether this is necessary or warranted, the GSD said adding that this is only one of a number of issues that require careful consideration.

GSD Leader Keith Azopardi said: “The Government needs to pause and listen to teachers because in doing so there may be aspects of its plans that need to change.”

“If it means what it says that it believes in proper consultation it needs to acknowledge the discontent there is about the way this has been handled and not congratulate itself and show it is not actually listening to teachers.”

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