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Govt slams Azopardi's ‘petty party politics’

Johnny Bugeja

The long-running spat between the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition rumbled on yesterday as the Government condemned GSD Leader Keith Azopardi over his latest “deeply partisan” statement.

The two political leaders have been exchanging statements on issues raised by the other in their New Years’ speeches at the start of the year.

In the latest salvo the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo insisted his New Year message was “forward-looking and utterly non-political” in contrast to Mr Azopardi’s “party political attack on the GSLP and on me personally”.

“Constructive disagreement is an important part of democracy, but angry ‘name calling’ gets us nowhere. It is a pity Mr Azopardi has chosen to start the year so negatively and with such unnecessary confrontation,” he said.

“My Government will continue to work hard on the best post-Brexit future for all of us.”

Mr Picardo said he and his Government continue to offer the Opposition every opportunity to co-operate with them in this endeavour, but in the role the electorate have chosen for them.

“However, Mr Azopardi merely sticks with his old negative policy of mud-slinging and insults. He needs to understand that we should be trying to raise, not lower, the tone of the post-election debate: we are adversaries and not enemies. “

“The electorate are no fools and they have made it abundantly clear which approach they prefer,” he added.

CM travels to UK

The Chief Minister, Fabian Picardo, left Gibraltar yesterday afternoon for a short visit to London where he will hold meetings with UK Government officials and representatives of various commercial entities.

He will return to Gibraltar tomorrow afternoon.

During Mr Picardo’s absence, the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia will be the Acting Chief Minister.

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