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Govt will not pay ‘over the odds’ for dementia facility

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The Gibraltar Government has put the delay in opening the Dementia Day Care Centre and Residential Unit down to his will not to pay ‘over the odds’.

“That is not in the short, medium or long terms interest of the people of Gibraltar, let alone its most vulnerable members of society,” the Government said last night in response to GSD criticisms over the delay.

In a statement the Opposition said the reasons for any delay are not the lack of money or lack of budget, but the proper administration of Gibraltar’s financial resources in a way that does not allow them to be “abused” as people try to use time pressures to force us to pay over the odds for things.

“But if the GSD are now saying we should agree to pay over the odds for things, then they seem to be trying to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, depending exclusively on their current short term political interests,” the statement read.

“We were not wasting money when they said we were and we will not waste money when they invite us to,” the Government stressed.

It stated that it will follow the prudent course in the long term interests of the community, “even though it means that to prevent the taxpayer from being overcharged, we may have to wait a little longer for the right things to happen because we will never agree to ‘over the odds’ costs being incurred.”

The Government added that it would be unfair to announce an opening date for the facility as it could be seen as a broken promise if it were not met due to any delay beyond reasonable control.

“There have been no such broken promises, just genuine intentions,” No. 6 said adding that the complex process to open the facilities continues.

“The GSD wanted to cram our elderly into cells and had no plans whatsoever to open a day facility. This is a 100% GSLP/Liberal project.”

Minister for Health, Dr John Cortes, said: "I don't break promises. But I don't hesitate in openly expressing hopes and aspirations, even though timescales can slip, as they do in every major project, for reasons well beyond my control.”

“I regularly attend GADS general meetings and I sent my best wishes to this latest one. I meet with GADS regularly and I know that, despite our shared frustration, they know we also share a common vision - one that I for one can't wait to see becoming a reality.”

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