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GSD jumping on bandwagon against ‘brave’ traffic plan, Govt says

Brian Reyes

The Gibraltar Government has said it is making “brave” decisions in its sustainable traffic plan and has hit out at the GSD of wrongly jumping on a bandwagon, which will see Gibraltar “stuck in the past”.

The Government said it is prepared to take the “strong leadership necessary” for a “modern, green, child-friendly city” included in the Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan [STTPP].

In a press statement, the Government stressed homework and “proper planning” had been done and the outline plan for Line Wall road was made “extremely clear” in the Green Gibraltar manifesto.

It added congested narrow roads will be a “distant memory overtaken by bustling boulevards that act as green arteries around the Rock.”

The Government labelled the GSD as having “no coherent plan or vision of their own” and as “out of touch with the values and aspirations of the majority of the electorate.”

In a press statement, it added the GSD are willing to turn the clock back further by scrapping the STTPP and starting all over again at “immense public cost.”

“Government of Gibraltar is proud to have been elected on the basis of a Green Gibraltar
manifesto that aspires to the best Gibraltar and is aware that making this bold vision a reality will require brave decisions to be made about what want our future to look like,” the Government said.

The Government added it conducted one of the widest public consultation exercises in local history, which resulted in the STTPP, a comprehensive long-term plan for Gibraltar’s transport infrastructure.

“The Government is working hard to deliver a better transport environment for our people,” Minister for Transport Vijay Daryanani said.

“We are looking at pollution, climate change and our health as a community in order to produce the best transport alternatives for our community.”

“The GSD, instead, are looking just for votes in the way they publicly position themselves. The public will see through the GSD and will have time to decide who was right and who was wrong about plans for transport in Gibraltar.”

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