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GSD ‘not consulted on BEAT 3.0’

Photo by Johnny Bugeja.

The GSD yesterday said the latest BEAT 3.0 were not discussed with the party, adding that it only heard about the latest financial support measures when it was announced in Parliament.

This comes as the Government said these measures were “discussed and agreed with the Opposition and Mr Clinton in particular.”

Roy Clinton, the GSD Shadow Minister for Public Finance, said in a statement: “We have in the interests of the community been trying to constructively assist in the design of Covid crisis

measures that will support the economy.”

“To that end we did have input into BEAT 1.0 and to a much lesser extent into BEAT 2.0 especially in that we disagreed as to the targeting of the measures since they did not directly support employment.”

“BEAT 3.0 was announced to Parliament on September 25, with no consultation whatsoever by the Government with the GSD Opposition.”

“To suggest that the GSD Opposition or I have somehow been fully conversant with the BEAT 3.0 measures or had any recent input, is to distort the truth.”

“When the Government decides to attack a sector of our business community in an unwarranted manner it becomes a political matter.”

“It is also unwarranted for the Government to single out a member of our small business community who happens to be a member of the GSD Executive who has provided valuable insight into the challenges being faced.”

“The GSLP seem to be more concerned with helping big business employers rather than workers and the micro-business community.”

“If the Government want ideas that they obviously lack, how about a loyalty coupon scheme for eating out in Gibraltar that could for example be exchanged for a Christmas lottery ticket,” Mr Clinton said.

“It doesn’t require much effort or imagination to think of measures that will assist the hospitality sector if the Government was so minded.”

“Looking after the needs of Gibraltar as a whole does not necessarily mean throwing workers and the catering industry under a bus.”

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