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GSD says airport arrival tests ‘unnecessary’

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The GSD has called the need for Covid-19 arrival tests ‘unnecessary’, adding that testing means Gibraltar loses its competitive edge in regards to travel.

The party added the UK has completely removed the requirement for testing for those who are fully vaccinated.

“Given the high rate of vaccination in Gibraltar and plus the fact that we are a jurisdiction which currently has the issue under control it strikes the GSD as unnecessary that we should continue to impose the need for paid testing at a designated location on arrival here,” the GSD said.

The GSD said the arrival testing for a family, say of four, will add an extra £100 to the cost of flying to Gibraltar.

But on the return flight to a UK airport from Gibraltar there is no extra cost, if you are fully vaccinated.
“We also have to be aware that there is similarly no such extra cost if travelling to Malaga, again, if you are fully vaccinated,” the GSD said.

“For those who are not fully vaccinated when travelling into Malaga or the UK there is the ability to present documentation certifying that you have undertaken a Covid-19 test – in other words you are not obliged to take a test on arrival, thereby affording the passenger greater flexibility.”

Shadow minister for Tourism, Damon Bossino said arrival testing means Gibraltar loses the competitive edge when the Government should be looking for ways to kick-start the economy.

“The overall effect is that Gibraltar loses the competitive edge in circumstances where we must do everything reasonably possible to improve and kick-start the economy, with the travel industry being such an important contributor in that effort,” Mr Bossino said.

“We need to react to the ever-changing circumstances with agility and flexibility and forcing people to go to a specific provider, at cost, makes no sense in the prevailing circumstances.”

“Perhaps the Minister for Tourism should focus more on addressing these important points quickly and in anticipation of the summer holiday season, and less on globe-trotting escapades to Bangladesh or now, more recently, Finland.”

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