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GSD slams ‘scandalous’ £17 fee for notifying job vacancies

The GSD has described the government’s implementation of a £17 notification of vacancy fee and other Department of Employment fee increases as “scandalous”.

Most items have increased by £1 or £2 per administrative form.

But the GSD said this new £17 fee is for an “essential form” which every employer needs to submit to fill in any position within their company, which was free in the past.

The party said it has been a “rough couple of years for the business sector with Brexit uncertainties to contend with, recent trade licensing and social insurance rises have made things difficult and the implementation of this new fee is another unwelcome addition to businesses overheads”.

There is a concerning pattern emerging and it seems like the government is targeting the private sector in desperation to find money to pay off the huge debt, the GSD added.

GSD spokesperson Orlando Yeats said: “The notification of vacancy fee implementation is scandalous.”

“Employers are essentially being taxed for creating jobs.”

“An administrative service that was free last week will now cost businesses £17 for every vacancy they need to fill.”

“All businesses will be affected but more so those that operate in a high staff turnover environment with ETB fees potentially running into the £1000's per year.”

The £17 additional fee will also add to previously set penalty fees, these were set at £16 or £31 and will now shoot up to £32 and £47, Mr Yeats added.

He said: “These penalty fees are unfair in nature anyway and are based around not having your vacancy open for 10 days, there are many unforeseen circumstances that force an employer to replace or add employees immediately and this is inexplicably punished by the ETB.”

“These increases are yet another example of the government mercilessly hammering the business sector including businesses which need a fluid and flexible framework to operate in, something that reflects modern working life.”

“Instead we have a myriad of complex rules and penalty fees which are essentially tripping up unsuspecting businesses and fleecing them of their money.”

“It really is a worrying time when the Government of the day feels they have to tax employers for essentially placing job adverts.”

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