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GSD support environmental groups in National Day balloon ban

GSD Opposition has said there is no question any emotive issues associated with the release of balloons on National Day “are far outweighed” by its damaging environmental impact. In a statement yesterday the party said it was in agreement with the position of environmental groups in Gibraltar with regard to the release of balloons on National Day calling on the Government to ensure that National Day is celebrated in an environmentally responsible way.

“Half measures, such as the reduction in the number of balloons are simply inadequate,” said the statement.

The GSD’s Trevor Hammond, shadowing the Environment, commented that if Gibraltar was serious about its environmental credentials and “if we wish to gain international credibility for our environmental agenda, we must accept that a practice such as the balloon release must come to an end.”

But he added, this was not to say that National Day celebrations should not be fully enjoyed.

He emphasised an alternative to this practice “must be sought”.

“Were we to release 30,000 carrier bags into the sea on National Day people would be horrified, yet this is not so different,” he added.

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