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Heavy rain leaves boat owner ‘marooned’

The heavy rain flooded and sank a boat docked at Mid-Harbours Small Boats Marina yesterday, in an incident that left the owner struggling to salvage it for six hours.

First-time boat owner Edgar Triay told the Chronicle he had received no support from the Port Authority, Fire and Rescue Services or Police Marine Unit.

Although each extended their sympathies, Mr Triay said they told him it was a private matter.

Mr Triay was notified by the marina’s Pier Master yesterday at 8.30am that his boat had sunk, after having checked on his then floating boat just 12 hours before.

On arrival he found his £5,000 fibreglass boat submerged, attached to the marina by ropes.

Mr Triay highlighted the lack of a ‘slipway’ – a ramp to tow boats – or a crane.

Upset by the ordeal, he told this newspaper there was no infrastructure to assist boat owners.

“I have been left marooned here,” Mr Triay said.

“I accept boat owners are subject to weather conditions or poor manufacturing, but what has made matters worse is that [the authorities] do not have the budget, man power, or equipment to handle a situation like this.”

“We are paying a lot of money for a berth and we don’t get the service.”

In a bid to solve the incident Mr Triay brought an electric pump and a generator as he found there was no electricity in the pier.

When purchasing the four metre boat he was promised it was self-draining and now hopes his insurance will cover the costs.

“Nobody is safe,” Mr Triay said as his boat lay submerged.

“This could have been avoided if I had been called earlier in the middle of the night. The least we could have is the support of the Port Authority.”

Passers-by and friends helped Mr Triay get in contact with divers that would attach buoys to the boat, turning it upright so the water could be drained from inside.

The divers quoted him £500 but left him waiting for five hours until they arrived at 2pm and raised the boat.



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