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Housing Department ‘very disappointed’ over recent vandalism

The Housing Department has said it is “very disappointed” over recent incidents of vandalism and inappropriate disposal of rubbish in Government housing estates.

This statement comes as someone was spotted vandalising and stealing newly placed planters in Mid Harbours Estate, with the footage now with the RGP for action.

In another incident, a disposable BBQ tray was disposed of via a chute causing a fire.

A statement from No.6 Convent Place said the Housing Department has been liaising with the tenants’ associations and Housing Works Agency in order to maintain and beautify Mid Harbours.

This involved working with younger members, and children were tasked with planting some of these flowers and plants that has since been vandalised.

“Another area of concern is the inappropriate disposal of rubbish in all of our housing estates,” a statement from No.6 Convent Place said.

“Loose items, like single cans, packaging, etc. should not be disposed of in a chute. Items should be bagged, and the bag should be tied tightly.”

“Large bags should not be tossed down a chute. If it is challenging to get the bag in the chute, then it is best to take the garbage to the main rubbish room in the building, and place it inside the large rubbish bins provided.”

“Bedding, broken furniture, small appliances, etc. are not to be thrown down a chute. These sorts of large items block the chute, which causes garbage to pile up, and are sometimes very costly to remove.”

The Government has reported incidents including how recently a Christmas tree was disposed of via a chute causing a major blockage that required extensive works to rectify.

“On another occasion, a disposal BBQ tray was also disposed of via a chute causing a fire and rendering the chute unserviceable,” the Government said.

Residents have also been advised not to toss burning cigarettes into a chute and all large items are to be disposed of at the Gibraltar General Support Services site in Dobinson’s Way, the statement added.

“The Housing Department in conjunction with the Housing Works Agency are constantly striving to uplift the quality of their residential estates, with proper maintenance and beautification,” No.6 Convent Place said.

“The aim is to provide a clean and healthy living environment for its tenants and to also protect the wellbeing of the estates, however in order to accomplish this the cooperation of all our tenants and the community is required.”

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