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How to create a showstopping Christmas flower display

By Hannah Stephenson
Festive flowers are a must in the run-up to Christmas, but how can you make the most of what you have in your own garden to add interest to a rich display?

A variety of foliage and berries foraged from your own plot can add a seasonal accent to Christmas flowers, says Vicky Wilson, product design manager at Interflora.

“With just a few winter blooms and some foraged foliage, it’s easier than you’d think to transform your hallway, living room or anywhere else that’s in need of a few good tidings this season,” she says.

She offers the following step-by-step for a showstopping Christmas floral display…
1. What you’ll need
3 red roses
1 red skimmia
2 pink snowberry
2 red spray roses
Scots pine clippings
1 eucalyptus
3 salal tips (also known as Gaultheria Shallon)

Usually the pine, eucalyptus, skimmia and snowberries can be foraged from a garden, but you might need to call on your local florist for the roses, which will be the signature blooms.
Lay all the stems out on a table you’d like to use and prepare the stems by removing any leaves and thorns on the bottom half.

2. Where to start
Take a foliage stem in your hand, holding the stem roughly halfway up, and one of your focal flowers. This is the start of your arrangement.

As you pick up and add more stems, hold each at a slight angle, so your bouquet starts to build in a natural way.
3. Make it even
Alternate your flowers and leaves, adding a flower stem and a foliage stem, turning the bouquet each time you add one.

4. Make flowers the showstopper
Make sure the flower heads are positioned slightly above the foliage, so they really show themselves off.
For a really stunning arrangement, add flowers in a triangular pattern. It might sound strange, but this means each flower type is evenly distributed through the whole bouquet.

5. Secure the bouquet
Once you’ve added all the flowers and foliage, tie the bouquet exactly where you’ve been holding the stems.
Once you have secured the bouquet with string, cut each stem at a slight angle using a pair of sharp scissors or secateurs. Hold the bouquet up to the vase to help you determine how much of the stems you need to chop off.
Fill a clean vase with water and pop your bouquet in. You may want to tweak it slightly if there are any wayward stems or foliage that aren’t quite in the right place, before finding the perfect spot to show off your efforts.

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