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John Diaz receives the Gibraltar Award

John Diaz 13-12-18 (Photo John ) presented with the Gibraltar Award and Governor's Certificate

The Governor, Lieutenant General Edward Davis, yesterday hosted an investiture ceremony at The Convent where he presented the Gibraltar Award to John Diaz for services to Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar.

In 1957 the Queen approved the award of a certificate and badge of honour to residents of Gibraltar. The award was established to recognise those who have rendered loyal and valuable service worthy of special recognition or, who have by their loyalty and meritorious conduct been of exceptional benefit to the people of Gibraltar.

The certificate bares a portrait of the Queen and is signed by the Governor as the Queen’s representative on the Rock. The certificate carries with it the right to wear a medal known as the ‘badge of honour’ with a yellow silk ribbon. Together they have become known as the Gibraltar Award and gives the receiver the right to use the initials GA after their name.

Mr Diaz was diagnosed with prostate cancer over seven years ago but soon became aware that there was very little knowledge and support for patients and their families.

He then attempted to find out more information on what treatments were available for him, what did the future hold for him and how it could affect his loved ones.

After receiving treatment, Mr Diaz decided to set up the Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar following a steering group meeting with friends in 2011. From this grew an awareness campaign, fundraising events and the establishment of a prostate clinic at St Bernard’s hospital.

To date owning to the group’s fundraising £98,000 worth of specialist equipment has been donated to the Gibraltar Health Authority by the charity.

The Governor added his personal salute to Mr Diaz when he spoke at the investiture ceremony, for his “altruistic and definitive contribution to the improvement on how Gibraltar cares for those who suffer from prostate cancer and its associated conditions.”

“A contribution that has made a material and much needed difference to the wellbeing of the British Gibraltarian community, in terms of substance, inspiration and faith.”

He told Mr Diaz to be “rightly proud” of his contribution.

He also said that the “sovereign and the people of Gibraltar were grateful for your compassion, diligence and courage.”

The Governor also thanked and gave his admiration to the people present with Mr Diaz at the investiture for the support they have given him.

Pic by Johnny Bugeja

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