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Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP) training delivered in Gibraltar

Following the initial Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP) training received in 2019, Gibraltar JESIP trainers received refresher training earlier this week.

JESIP is a UK-wide programme launched by the UK Home Office in 2012 with the aim of helping responders save more lives through effective joint working at all incidents where a multi-agency response is required.
Its joint doctrine establishes a national standard to multi-agency joint working for all incidents, including Counter-Terrorism.

This was the first opportunity following the Covid-19 pandemic to get the JESIP trainers updated with the latest JESIP doctrine and was arranged by Gibraltar’s Office of Civil Contingencies. “The training is important to ensure effective interoperability amongst the emergency services as seen in recent major incidents such as Covid-19, the fire in the Power’s Drive tunnel and OS35 collision,” said a statement from the Government.

The refresher training was delivered by Carl Daniels, the UK’s JESIP Deputy Senior Responsible Officer.

Following the refresher training, trainers delivered training to Strategic, Tactical and Operational Commanders from across Gibraltar’s Emergency Services, the military and other responding partners.
In total, 25 new JESIP commanders received the training.

Mr Daniels, said “It was a privilege to support the Gibraltar Emergency Services and responding organisations in introducing the latest interoperable doctrine, the complexities of a large number of organisations working together at incidents brings unique challenges and the JESIP framework assists responders in structuring their response, so that as many lives as possible can be saved.”

“The responders in Gibraltar showed through the JESIP training delivered this week that they continue committed to working together to save lives,” he added.

The Minister responsible for Civil Contingencies, Samantha Sacramento added that the recent events in Gibraltar have shown the need for emergency services to operate effectively together in response to major incidents or events.

“Both the refresher training and the commander training will allow our emergency services and other key organisations to be better placed when dealing with serious incidents,” she said.

“JESIP training will continue to be coordinated through the Office of Civil Contingencies to ensure that the JESIP doctrine is widely applied across responding agencies and organisations.”

“I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Carl Daniels for his continued support to HM GOG and specifically the Office of Civil Contingencies.”

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