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Kishin Alwani Foundation helps Clubhouse members find jobs

Alwani Cheque to Club House 190219 ( Photo John Bugeja ) for £1556-00

by Manar Ben Tahayekt

The Kishin Alwani Foundation yesterday donated £1556 to Clubhouse Gibraltar to help members gain jobs as part of the charity’s Employment Development programme.

The money was raised from the sale of clothes and items at the Kishin Alwani Foundation Charity Shop.

In addition to the cash donation, two part-time roles were created for Clubhouse Gibraltar members at the charity shop.

Clubhouse Gibraltar is aiming to encourage its members to get back to the routine of going to work after overcoming a mental illness.

Through its sister charity Positive Pathways, the charity representatives set up placements with various organisations that allow members to work within new industries and develop skills and experience.

Clubhouse Gibraltar’s CEO Emily Adamberry Olivero told the Chronicle: “The money is to support an employment placement because we want to give people an opportunity to experience real life work experience and earn their money.’’

“This will help bring them back to the world of employment.”

Clubhouse Gibraltar is working towards training people as part of its Employment Development programme, which includes building up their confidence and skills.

Mrs Adamberry-Olivero said this is a tailor-made programme where different people will need different skills, and so far the charity has helped nine people.

“For many people, after having experienced a spell of mental illness, they find it hard to get back to employment, or people are reluctant to give them the opportunity, or they are find it difficult to compete in the open market,” she added.

“In this way, we bypass having to compete in the open market and we try and give as many members an opportunity.”

This, Mrs Adamberry-Olivero said, will help give them generic skills such as punctuality, appearance and attitude and it serves as a stepping stone to full-time employment.

Childline and GibSams have both received donations in the past, and Mr Alwani said his board of trustees will soon meet to select the next charity of choice.

Manar Ben Tahayekt is a student on work experience at the Chronicle.

Pic by Johnny Bugeja

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