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Living with Covid-19

By Lisa Kilkenny

Covid-19 seems to affect a lot of people in different ways. Today I found out that I am Covid-19 positive. Luckily my body is fighting it and today I have felt better than I have in a while. I am turning the corner and although still in self isolation I am looking forward to the day I am allowed out to be one of the first to open Chestertons doors with full immunity.

The strangest thing for me was that I have never had a high temperature which is one of the key symptoms to look out for. The main symptoms I have experienced are chills, body aches, cough and fatigue along with loss of smell. Below is a diary of how my symptoms developed:

Day 1

My experience with this virus started 8 days ago with a dry cough, it was persistent enough for me to call 111 and register myself, as a dry cough is one of the main symptoms associated with the virus. At that time, it was the only symptom I had so I was told to self-isolate for 14 days and should I develop a high temperature or any other symptoms to call back.

Day 2

My cough continued but without a high temperature. I started to feel tired and body started to ache. I experienced chills and had to put on layers of blankets but then would wake up in a cold sweat.

Day 3

My cough felt worse and I was concerned about it, so I called back 111 and they gave me the number for a doctor. A doctor called me back and because I had no temperature suggested taking antihistamines for 24/48 hours, however if I developed other symptoms like lack of smell, headaches, temperature, then to call back 111.

Day 4

More chills and body aching. My mouth started to feel like I had drank a litre of milk, as it was covered in a slimy surface. Cough still bad.

Day 5

More body aches and chills. I discovered that I couldn’t smell anymore. My mouth still had an awful lining to it and I didn’t feel right at all. I called 111 again and they put me through to get an appointment to be swabbed. I headed down to the drive through facility at the Rooke. The nurses there were very good and although it wasn’t a pleasant experience being swabbed, it was not painful either.

Day 6 – 8

From the afternoon of day 6 and for the following 2 days I simply slept! I would wake up in the night with chills, manage to get back to sleep, take paracetamol for the awful body aches but other than that my body shut down. I must have slept nigh on 20 hours a day. I have never known fatigue like it.

Today, Friday, I woke up and felt better, I still have to rest but feel I am definitely on the road to recovery.

If anyone reading this has experienced similar things please call 111 and self-isolate.

Stay safe

NOTE: This article by Chestertons operations director Lisa Kilkenny was first published on the Chestertons blog and has been reproduced with kind permission. Ms KilKenny received her positive result on Friday, April 3.

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