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Llamas samples opinion on education

Independent MP Lawrence Llamas is seeking the views of the community on education matters as he launched the first in a series of public surveys yesterday.

The survey is specifically based on the Government’s plans for eight new schools and the future of education in Gibraltar.

This follows the Government’s plans to “revolutionise” schools in Gibraltar by either rebuilding or refurbishing all of them by the start of term in 2019.

The plans include two new comprehensives on one mega-school campus, co-education and the realignment of key stages.

“The Government may say that it is satisfied that it has consulted far and wide, however, Mr Llamas is not satisfied that that is the case,” read a press statement issued by Mr Llamas’ camp.

“The key point here is that the single most important thing about these plans is that it is about education.”

“It may also be about buildings, locations, traffic, costs and other things, but let us not lose sight of the fact that this is about the education of our children and therefore a key responsibility of this Government.”

The survey, which covers a number of elements of the Government’s plans for education in Gibraltar, comprises 51 questions and will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

It has nine sections covering the following: general observations about the plan; co-education; the mega school campus; the school year re-alignments; the plan for St Martin’s School; the process of developing the plans and consultation; logistics; hot school lunches; and finally, issues regarding specific schools.

Mr Llamas said: “I’d like to invite as many as possible to join me in creating a new and dynamic way of doing politics in Gibraltar, in a respectful, reasonable, sensible and safe manner, whether you’re in the public or the private sector.”

“I’m keen to harvest and collate the data gathered and present it to Government.”

“I am hopeful that this initiative will give us, in particular teachers, parents and students a voice which I can amplify by highlighting what we think is great, what we think needs re-thinking and how we would like to see things improved.”

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