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Looking forward to future of the RGP

Johnny Bugeja

Richard Ullger, Commissioner of Police

As the Commissioner of the Royal Gibraltar Police, one of the things that I am determined to do is that we provide the very best quality of service to the people of Gibraltar, but in particular to every victim of crime. I want to reach out to the community and we will be doing so through different means. I will be providing you updates of what we are doing through the different social media platforms and press releases, but also reaching out to you where face-to-face contact permits us to do so. I am extremely thankful to the people of Gibraltar for their tolerance during these unprecedented months under Covid-19.

Through engagement, our officers have managed to work with you, to allow you to understand the real issues and we are grateful for your support. This war is yet not won, and we have much more to do. I am also keen to engage with you through online clinics and will be exploring this in the coming months. This allows us to engage with one another from our homes, work and other places, allowing us to expand our reach and discuss policing issues that affect us all. I truly look forward to this.

As I have already alluded to, it is our ambition to ensure that we do this by enhancing the service we deliver by keeping people informed of what they have reported to us and how we can improve what we do for them. As part of the HMICFRS recommendations to the RGP, we are looking at bringing services to victims of crime, by ensuring that they know what they are entitled to and of our obligations to them under the 2015 Victims in Criminal Proceedings Regulations. Victims of crime deserve a level of service where they know they feel protected and cared for.

The RGP has a lot to do and keeping people informed whether being a victim of crime or an individual who is concerned about what is going on in your area, we will work doubly hard to make sure that we increase that response.

I just want to talk a little about domestic abuse. The RGP together with Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is focused on delivering a service that will protect people who suffer from this abhorrent crime. Together with Safe Lives, we are going to train our people to be able to detect different forms of domestic abuse and deal effectively with offenders. It will be a coordinated approach working together to provide an increased level of service, but you are our eyes and ears and have a duty to report anything that you feel could be of concern.

Anti-social behaviour affects us all, particularly because we live in high built up areas and we have established a new proactive operation to address this. We want to improve the wellbeing of our community and through a better Neighbourhood Policing ethos, I am determined to do this. We will be achieving this too through our Safe Drive Operation to tackle bad driving behaviour and look towards ways of achieving this, but again we depend on your support.

Finally, I want to thank all the officers and staff of the Royal Gibraltar Police for their dedication and commitment to serve Gibraltar. We look forward to engaging with you and encourage you to do so too.

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