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Make the right decision for your family

By Fabian Picardo

The most important people in an election are you, the voters. Every four years you exercise your right to vote. Voting is critical to the continued success of our democracy.

Whatever different aspirations we may have on how we should live our lives, we can all agree with the idea that better healthcare, better education facilities and improving the environment are good for all of us, whatever party we might support.

So when we decide who to vote for, we make this important choice based on who we each believe represents the best choice for the community. You might not agree with everything we have done while in Government, but if, on balance, you believe that the GSLP/Liberals have defended the interests of Gibraltar and delivered progress for our People, I would ask you to vote for us again on Thursday.

I ask you to think about how far the GSLP/Liberals have taken Gibraltar since 2011 on housing, democracy, health, the environment, education and equality. Our manifesto is our contract with you, and the last eight years are your cast iron guarantee that we will deliver once more.

Sure we have not done enough. I am the first to agree with that. That is why I want to do more, because there is more to do. There is further to go.

I am proud of what we have been able to achieve for Gibraltar DESPITE Brexit and we are ready for Brexit. Should we have to deal with a hard Brexit and leave the EU without a deal on Halloween, we already have plans, hour by hour, for the 48 hours leading up to 00.01 on 1 November and for the 72 hours after that.

During that time, my friend Dr Joseph Garcia and I will be constantly at No6, ensuring we keep Gibraltar safe, steady and secure. We are ready like no one else is ready. Additionally, if there is a deal, our plans make us a part of it and of the transitional period. The GSD’s dangerous plans subject us to ‘no-deal’, even if the UK and the EU are in a transition.

What’s more, if there is a ‘no-deal’ Brexit, we are the only ones with a post-Brexit economic plan.

I do not believe that now is the time for you to risk everything by handing over government to a new team who have no plans about what to do about Brexit. That is too much of a risk for you and for your family and for Gibraltar.

I believe that the right choice for you and for your family are the GSLP/Liberals.

Your vote will help ensure Gibraltar continues to have the best team to lead us into our future. If you want to vote for a green Gibraltar and for a Child Friendly City, go out and vote for all TEN GSLP Liberal candidates at the election.

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