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Massias in new jazz-flamenco fusion project

Gibraltarian jazz musician Elie Massias has been recording in Spain and piecing together his new flamenco jazz project, Cadiz Blue. At the Trafalgar Studios near Conil the band has created a new sound. With Elie on electric guitar the other members of the band include David Leon on drums and percussion (who was in Gibraltar for the Jazz Music Festival Master Classes in 2014), Antonio Martin on the flamenco guitar and flamenco singer Maria Lamonika.

They have just recorded a music video for a song composed by Elie himself.

“I wrote a song that would capture the concept of the music I was going for...flamenco/jazz fusion but done in an original way and not the 'cliche' way where you're overlaying jazz harmonies and flamenco jazzy melodies over a flamenco rhythm or palo like a buleria. I wanted it to sound different,” he says.

The aims was always to have an original band sound but without any musical limitations.

The band is hoping to tour the USA in the first instance. But the Elie also hopes to return to the studio to complete the full album with new tracks already in the making.

“I wanted to wait until I heard the sound of the band together with Antonio and Maria's sound and how we all sound together before writing more music. I was very happy and super inspired with the collective sound and have many ideas for new songs and pieces that will work very well for this combination. Hopefully we can have the full album ready by late 2017,” he says.

Elie would like to bring this new project to perform on the Rock next year.

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