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Mayor’s awards recognise community spirit

Mayor's Award 19-12-18 (Photo John ) presentation at the Mayor's Parlour

Two weeks after completing a first aid course, Krisanne Lia was able to save her neighbour’s life while he was having a heart attack.

Yesterday, Ms Lia received the Mayor’s Silver Award “in recognition of her actions where she rendered first aid assistance”.

She told the Chronicle: “I had to assist and do CPR on my neighbour just two weeks after I completed the course.”
“It was very serious, he was in the middle of a heart attack and was unresponsive.”

“If it was not for the course, I would not have known what to do.”

She was among six other individuals and one charity – the Gibraltar Disability Society – who received the local accolade.

At a reception held at the Mayor’s Parlour in City Hall, the Mayor of Gibraltar Kaiane Aldorino Lopez said: “We acknowledge a group of Gibraltarians who we can proudly recognise to be part of our community.”

“It is an honour to able to share your generosity and you should all be very proud of yourselves.”

“Thank you to those individuals who nominated the individuals, giving us the opportunity to thank them and recognise them locally.”

Ms Lia, 29, highlighted the importance of doing a first aid course, having completed hers with St John’s Ambulance last November.

“It is a big honour to be recognised with this award,” she added.

“I still get very emotional when I think about it because at the time I did what I had to do.”

“It was only later I realised that I helped to save someone’s life.”

The other Silver Award was for LCpl Liam Conroy in recognition of his actions while deployed in Bahrain, however he was unable to collect the award as he is still in active duty.

The Community Awards were handed to John Diaz, Kishin Alwani, Joseph Palmero and Emily Adamberry Olivero.

Mr Diaz, who has spent more than 10 years working with the Prostate Cancer Support Group Gibraltar, said: “The recognition is more important than the award itself and is an incentive for all involved.”

“One of the best things that can happen is that you need someone to lead by example, and I hope this will inspire younger generations to volunteer with charities.”

Mr Palmero said: “I accepted my award with a few tears in my eyes because this is the best recognition you can get from the people in Gibraltar.”

He received the award in recognition of his charity work and contributions to Gibraltar and its citizens.

Mr Alwani said he is delighted to receive the Mayor’s Community Award, which was in recognition of the support given to the community through the Alwani Trust and Foundation.

He said: “I am accepting this honour in the name of the people I have been serving with pleasure.”

“It is important that everyone should give back to the community, and with the Alwani Trust I have been able to do so for more than 20 years.”

Mrs Adamberry Olivero received the Community Award in recognition of her volunteer work with Clubhouse Gibraltar.

She said: “This type of recognition is great because it brings awareness to the work that is being done and it is gratifying that the community is noticing because mental health support is very important.”

“There are lots of people who are still suffering in silence so we need a lot more awareness to be able to reach out to those people who believe they are alone and no one will understand them.”

Debbie Borastero received the Community Award on behalf of the Gibraltar Disability Society.

She said: “It is absolutely wonderful to collect the award on behalf of the committee and everyone else who has contributed to the charity for the past 52 years.”

“We are trying to improve Gibraltar for those with disabilities, be it parking issues or services available, and we work with the government of the day.”

“We were very proud to have the Disability Bill introduced, also referred to as Agnes’ Law, who was my predecessor.”

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