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'Muddled' Brexit will hit London, then the whole country - mayor

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A "muddled" Brexit threatens to cost London dear in jobs and investment, the city's mayor Sadiq Khan has warned.

Mr Khan accused the Government of having no clear strategy just two months before Prime Minister Theresa May plans to trigger formal exit negotiations by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

"It's deeply concerning that we still appear to have "muddled thinking" at the heart of government," he said.

"The only thing that would be as damaging as a hard Brexit would be a muddled Brexit.

"And - unfortunately - it looks like that is where we are heading unless there's a change in tact and direction from our government," Mr Khan told business and political leaders during an address at the Mansion House.

The mayor said a negative Brexit impact for London would hit the whole country.

"If the proper agreements aren't negotiated and we don't get the necessary transitional agreements in place, there'll be serious knock-on impacts on our future - with jobs and billions of revenue lost," he said.

"Revenues used to deliver public services and much, much more.

"This would hit the entire country, not just London."



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