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Nautilus Project holds 8th annual World Ocean Day school competition

The Nautilus Project recently held its 8th annual World Ocean Day School Competition award ceremony at MUGA.

TNP said the competition themed on ‘Planet Ocean Tides Are Changing’ was a “resounding success”.

“Hundreds of entries were submitted across all the categories and the standard blew the judging panel away,” TNP said.

Judges deliberated for over six hours before selecting the winners.

“The prizegiving ceremony was packed as Bianca Daniell and Minister Cortes [Minister for Environment Dr John Cortes] awarded the sustainable accolades, ably prepared by our Youth Monitors,” said TNP.

“The Nautilus team convey their most heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, pupils and teachers for their hard work throughout the year - the quality of the entries improve year on year.”

“Congratulations to all the winners.”

Lower Primary Individual Winners:
1st Place: Jack Martinez SJLP Shoe Ocean Habitat
2nd Place: Aren Linares SMLP I Like Turtles
3rd Place Xara Jimenez SPLP Only Leave Footprints
H/C Juliette Beriro SJLP Shoe Ocean Habitat
H/C Timmy Deleszek SBLP Ocean Zones
H/C Hayim Reuben HPS Beach Cleaning
H/C Illy Akerman SJLP Save The Sea
Lower Primary Group Winners
1st Place: Kyssa Patterson/Diyon Richmond/Mya Gonzalez/Robyn Baglietto/Anouar Amejoud Abassi SBLP Yr 2 Say No To Plastic
2nd Place: Ola Smith/Rafaella Harthern-West/ Yasmin Benanfar/Niall White SBLP Year 2 The Seahorse
3rd Place: Graysen Ramirez/Sophie Farmer/Grace Latin/Oliver Francis/Noah Rodriguez SJLP Marvellous Meerkats Year 1
Lower Primary Classroom Winners
Winners: Genius Gems Year 2 SJLP Tides Are Changing
Lower Primary Year Group Winners
1st Place: St Joseph’s Reception In The Med Sea
2nd Place: Notre Dame Year 1 We Are The Wave Of Change
3rd Place: St Bernard’s Year 2 Endangered Animals In The Sea
H/C: St Mary’s Reception Plastic Pollution In Our Oceans
H/C: St Paul’s Nursery Shoe Ocean Habitats
H/C: St Christopher’s Nursery/Reception Life Below Water
Upper Primary Year Group Winners
1st: St Anne’s Year 4 Tides Are Changing
2nd: St Bernard’s Year 3 Tides Are Changing
3rd: St Anne’s Year 3 Tides Are Changing
Secondary School Individual Winners:
1st: Dante Jimenez Bayside Cleaning The Oil Spill
2nd: Sophie V Westside Poem: Talia The Turtle
3rd: Taia Jimenez Bayside One things for shore, I whaley love the sea
H/C: Arianne G Westside Song: Ocean Life
Secondary School Year Group Winners
1st: Westside Year 8 E-Book
Runner Up: Westside Wellbeing Warriors Song: Water of Love, Ever So Clear
Overall School Winners
1st Place: St Joseph’s Lower Primary School
2nd Place: Bayside Secondary School
3rd Place: St Bernard’s Lower Primary School
H/C: St Paul’s Lower Primary School
H/C: St Christopher’s School
Nautilus Sustainable Christmas Decorations
1st Lucia Oudrassi SJLP Pine Cone Snowman
1st Lauren Slater BFUP Shells Bulb
1st Miley Piri Bayside Sea Glass Heart
2nd Ryan Fisher NDLP Egg Carton Snowman
2nd Ava Leigh Silva SJUP Penguin Bulb
2nd Lena Bugeja Bayside Paintbrush Gnome
3rd Joey Lugnani Murphy SJLP Rudolf Autumn Leaf
3rd Noah Bugeja SAUP The Grinch
Nautilus Marine Life Rescuers
Thomas Marlow NDLP Sea Cucumber
Eli Shalem HPS Red Mouthed Rock Snail
Ava Munoz and Lauren Slater BFUP Starlet Cushion Star
Nautilus Med Ocean Heroes
Leon Tilbury BFUP
James and Cali Neale NDLP
Lucas Lakhlia SJUP
Hayim Reuben and Zac Myers HPS

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