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Opposition Try to Undermine the Government on Brexit

The Gibraltar Government has accused the GSD Opposition of trying to divide Gibraltar over the effect of leaving the European Union.
“It is clear that they have no sense of duty or of loyalty to a common cause and that they are placing party-political considerations over the wider national interest,” the Government said in a statement yesterday evening.
The Government reiterated that it has been working extremely hard to put across Gibraltar’s point of view on Brexit to the wider world outside.
This has included countless media interviews for the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister with the UK, Spanish and international press.
It has included mainstream news media from inside the European Union, but also from further afield like Australia, China and the United States.
There have been continuous engagements with the United Kingdom Government, the UK Parliament and the main political parties in the United Kingdom.
The Government added that it has also put its message across in Brussels to the different EU institutions and to the different Member States.
“The truth is that the profile of Gibraltar has never been higher.”
The Government pledged after the Referendum of 23 June that we would leave no stone unturned in our efforts to safeguard the position of Gibraltar going forward.
“This is precisely what we have done,” No. 6 Convent Place said.
And, according to No. 6 even the Leader of the Opposition Daniel Feetham himself has acknowledged this as a point of fact which is beyond dispute.
“We have engaged with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as with the other Overseas Territories and with Crown Dependencies,” the Government said adding that this solid and detailed work will continue.
The Government also pledged to examine all the options open to Gibraltar post-Brexit.
And therefore, the Government said, the analysis of the so-called reverse Greenland option and the status of micro-states within the European Union must be seen against this pledge.
“It would have been wrong and irresponsible not to have explored the matter further,” it added.
“Moreover, the Deputy Chief Minister went into more detail regarding the background to this strategy in his private briefing to the Opposition Members of the Brexit Select Committee.”
It is regrettable, the Government said, that the Opposition should behave on this particular point as if the briefing had not happened.
The Chief Minister said: “In his latest contradiction, Mr Feetham has, within days both congratulated me and the Government for no leaving stone unturned in dealing with Brexit and, conversely, also criticised us for exactly the same reason.”
“This morass of contradictions is not sustainable and results in an opposition so lacking in credibility and logic that it is frankly bad for democracy as a whole.”
“Indeed, Mr Feetham's short memory seems to be failing him more than ever, given that in the Select Committee meeting itself he was told about all our contingency planning for every eventuality, something he now denies.”
“The fact is that since the result of the Referendum, the Government has been out attracting further investment, creating more jobs and fighting our corner in meetings, in lobbying and in literally hundreds of media interviews around Europe and the whole world so that despite the result, Gibraltar will grow and our people will prosper.”
“People should ask themselves this question: what has Daniel Feetham done in that time?”
“The answer is clear: gripe and criticise in an unconstructive fashion that does nothing to help Gibraltar's cause. The fact is that with friends like Danny and the current GSD, we don't need enemies to bring Gibraltar down.”

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