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Others fish too, GONHS reminds anglers

Library Image: Spanish Fishing boats

The tuna fishing season commenced last week and GONHS would like those engaged in activity “to be aware that humans are not the only anglers on the sea”.

“Many seabirds such as our shags and shearwaters feed on the same bait-fish as the tuna, as do resident species of dolphins and other cetaceans,” the society said.

Licensed anglers and other mariners are asked to give due consideration to wildlife and to give cetaceans and seabirds plenty of room.

“The birds are especially vulnerable when resting (known as “rafting”) on the water because they need time and distance to become airborne and to rest between feeds,” said the society.

“In the past, boats have motored through dolphins to put their vessels over tuna, in the belief that dolphins follow tuna. This practice is dangerous for dolphins and poor game-fishing practice,” it added.

GONHS is also urging the Government to review data generated by fishing activity to ensure that Gibraltar has a truly safe and sustainable quota for this endangered species.


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