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Over 41,000 Covid vaccinations administered in Gibraltar, as programme enters final stages

Some 41,318 doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccination have now been administered by the GHA, with the programme now entering its penultimate phase.

A total of 26,163 people had received their first dose of the vaccine as of Friday, while 15,155 had also received their second dose.

The vaccination centre at St Bernard’s Hospital will administer its final first doses on Monday and will then switch to second doses, before closing on March 30 to allow the clinical space and staff to revert to their normal roles.

The vaccination centre at the ICC will also switch to giving second doses next week but will also maintain a parallel programme of giving people first doses of the vaccine for another two months.

The government said it will “very soon” be moving to offer vaccinations to frontier workers and is compiling lists for those who wish to be jabbed.

Anyone registered to work in Gibraltar before December 1 2020 can register for the jab at

In fact though, approximately 1,800 frontier workers have already been vaccinated due to the nature of their work in frontline jobs in healthcare and elderly care.

“The number of people vaccinated in Gibraltar continues to grow on a daily basis,” said Samantha Sacramento, the Minister for Health.

“Wednesday of this week saw the programme’s busiest ever day with a staggering 1330 people vaccinated on one that day.”

Once again I must express my sincere gratitude on behalf of the population of Gibraltar to all those involved from the GHA in delivering this programme.”

I would also like to thank the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Department of Health and Social Care, and the Ministry of Defence in the UK for everything that they have done to source and supply the precious vaccine to the Rock - we are truly grateful.”

“The GHA vaccination programme has now entered its penultimate phase with many second doses and more first doses being given throughout March.”

“As we are nearing the end of vaccinating those people living in Gibraltar who we have been able to contact, I would once again ask for anyone who lives here who has not been vaccinated and who would like to be vaccinated to contact us as soon as possible on 200 66966 or by completing the form at”

“I am aware that the 200 66966 telephone number has been very busy recently so we have added a further two additional lines and advisors with immediate effect.”

“Please remember that you do not need to have a current GHA registration card to access the vaccine, just proof that you are resident in Gibraltar.”

“As we now move to offer the vaccine to frontier workers who have not yet been vaccinated, can I also ask all Gibraltar employers of cross-frontier workers to bring this online form to the attention of their cross-frontier employees so that they can be registered.”

“Finally, can I stress how important it is that people keep their booked appointments for vaccinations.”

“The vaccine is so precious we do not want to waste one single dose, and indeed, it is remarkable that not one dose has been wasted in Gibraltar so far.”

“Not attending for your scheduled appointment increases the risk of you not being able to have your second dose, and also increases the risk of vaccine being wasted on the day you should have attended.”

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