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Picardo spending threatens Rock's security, says GSD

The GSD has batted away Government accusations that it had “disgracefully undermined” Gibraltar’s interests through its criticisms of the government’s Brexit response.

Countering those accusations, the GSD said the security of Gibraltar, especially now in the scenario of Brexit, has been threatened by the financial mismanagement of the GSLP/Liberal Government for the last five years under the leadership of Fabian Picardo.

This comes after No 6 Convent Place reacted furiously to a GSD statement which accused the Chief Minister of a ‘utopian’ pursuit of “separatist agendas” that both the UK and the EU had discarded.

And, as the row continued yesterday evening, the GSD accused Mr Picardo of “overreacting”.

“It is a political game of distraction from reality that he plays but this game will catch up with him in time,” the GSD said in a statement underscoring that neither Daniel Feetham nor the GSD are threatening the security of Gibraltar.

“Mr Picardo and his Government, in pursuit of a populist agenda, have spent recklessly and placed their political fortunes above the safety and security of this community.”

They have incurred huge public debt and recurrent expenditure in the process, the GSD said.

According to the GSD, Mr Picardo attacks the Opposition on all fronts with one objective in mind only:  “to distract from the inexcusable financial situation in which he has placed Gibraltar.”

It is this financial state, the GSD said, that has for some time now threatened Gibraltar’s future and security, especially more so now in the scenario of Brexit.

The Opposition had stated that it felt that Gibraltar was in the Brexit ride with the UK and that the Government should direct its efforts to work hand in hand with the UK Government.

It further highlighted that the Opposition continues in its efforts to strive towards unity with the Government but that it is for the Government, through its leadership, to make this a reality.

“To retort and attack the Opposition in terms of “surrender” to Spain is nonsensical,” the GSD said.

“Its objective is to promote an emotional reaction against the GSD for the purposes of distraction from the ills brought to Gibraltar by Government financial mismanagement.”

The GSD said it has put forward positive proposals throughout, such as working hand in hand with the UK, of working in unity with the GSLP/Liberal Government, of seeking devolved integration with the UK, of seeking inclusion in trade deals to assist Gibraltar’s service industries and seeking a single market with the UK.

“These suggestions all maintain our inextricable link with the UK: none of them support the untruth that Mr Picardo disseminates to distract from Government’s problems, namely that the GSD seeks to surrender to Spain.”

“There is no surrender, Mr Picardo,” the statement read.


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