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Pledge to ensure the future of the Three King's Cavalcade

President of the Cavalcade Committee has given his pledge and that of his committee to the future success of the Three Kings' Cavalcade. Organising 2017 had not been easy, Eric Abudarham, told the participants of this year's event at the prize giving ceremony on Thursday night but as organisers they were committed to ensuring the future of this 60 year old tradition.

Speaking to the Chronicle Mr Abudarham said their main motivation was seeing so many people lining Main Street on the night and enjoying the first major event of the year.

"Even though it may be more difficult next year we are again motivated to carry on. We have a duty to continue and I would like to urge everyone to become a part of it next year.Participate, you will enjoy it and everyone will enjoy it."

The prizes for all the winners and participants were presented by the Governor Lt Gen Edward Davis and Gibraltar's Mayor Adolfo Canepa at a special ceremony at Boyds in the King's Bastion.

There were also special tokens of appreciation for a number of entities including the Gibraltar Chronicle "in appreciation for your support for the Three King's Cavalcade 2017" which was presented to photographer Johnny Bugeja.

Mr Abudarham shared the difficulties with everyone at the ceremony emphasising it was proving harder each year and this year they had again stumbled over many obstacles to achieve the final product.

With rumours on social media that this may be the last year of the event, Mr Abudarham, gave a commitment that this would not happen.

"It will not be the last Cavalcade," he emphasised as applause echoed throughout the King's Bastion from all young and old present.

"We have picked up the organisational baton from those who came before us and we have a responsibility for organising this Cavalcade so long as people like yourselves support the event."

The Cavalcade, he said was not his or his committee's.

"It belongs to the people of Gibraltar and it is up to Gibraltar to participate in order to give the spectacle we have given tonight. The streets were packed so it means Gibraltar enjoys the event."

Mr Abudarham had a message "for those people who watched it from the side" and said "people should realise that perhaps a bit more effort from them would not go amiss next year".

Mr Abudarham thanked all those who had helped in making the event a success.


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