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Police in security warning after youths arrested for ‘gun prank’

Police have arrested four youths who allegedly pointed a firearm at members of the public as they drove past, warning that such ‘pranks’ could lead to a serious incident in the current security climate.
The youths were arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a firearm and conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace, following the incident which occurred on Thursday afternoon.
The vehicle was located, challenged, stopped and searched by uniformed officers with Armed Response Officers in support.
A pellet firing BB gun was seized from within the interior of the vehicle, police said.
All four youths are currently on police bail.
“Whilst some will see this as an innocent prank the potential consequences cannot be overstated,” police said yesterday as they urged the public to be mindful of the current security state and avoid engaging in activity which might cause alarm in the community.
The Royal Gibraltar Police has taken the opportunity to remind the public that the threat level in Gibraltar remains at ‘Substantial’ as it has done since it was raised in early 2015 following terror attacks in mainland Europe.
The police are at an increased level of response with additional Firearms Officers on patrol, amongst other response measures, the RGP said.
Whilst Gibraltar is generally felt to be a safe place to live in, it is still exposed to same security concerns shared across the world and Europe in particular.

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