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Positive change for a renewed Gibraltar

By Kamlesh Khubchand

On the 17th of October the people of Gibraltar have a singular opportunity to have a fresh start. An opportunity to restore their faith in real democracy. A chance to make their voices heard.

There is only one party who really cares. The existing parties have played and are still playing a political game. And we know that the people are tired.

It is clear to see in the political debates how the game is played. One party makes a commitment, reminds the people of the other party’s failures, and then the other party ….well we all know how it ends.

Voting for Together Gibraltar can potentially put an end to this problem. Our aim is clear.

We will focus on what is good for the majority of Gibraltar. We will increase the transparency that is woefully lacking in our Government.

We will be inclusive and rekindle the community feeling that we once had in Gibraltar. We will engage with all sectors and restore trust in our democracy.

We will take our environment seriously and put an end to the urban jungle that our beautiful Rock is becoming.

In my portfolio of Business and Enterprise, Gibraltar can be certain that there will not only be a listening government but also a participatory government that will take action to ensure business thrives. We will provide the tools and incentives - businesses will provide the skills and enterprise.

As an example, Together Gibraltar will commit to a six-monthly business conference where all local businesses will get a chance, over a weekend, to engage, learn and network with each other and Govt departments. We understand that working together for the common good is a better way.

We have a clearer vision for the future. Together Gibraltar knows that technology will play an increasing part in any society’s future and we will invest heavily in this. We believe this is a better way.

Tourism has been a mainstay of our economy, but it has been mismanaged and neglected by previous administrations.

In Government, Together Gibraltar will make the investments required to turn our Tourist product into the envy of the southern Mediterranean. We will balance quantity of visitors with quality of experience to achieve long term repeat business that is sustainable. This too is a better way.

Our Heritage is also undervalued as an opportunity for our economy.

The Gibraltar Story is one that hasn’t been told widely or often enough. Together Gibraltar is committed to changing that. In conjunction with our infrastructure and planning policies, we will ensure that the buildings that tell our story are protected and maintained for the benefit of our people and visitors alike.

Together Gibraltar is a party of courage and confidence.

We are ready to work with businesses and our whole community, together to overcome the challenges we all face. I urge you to vote with hope, not fear.

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