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RG soldiers hone survival skills training with 43 Commando

Soldiers from the Royal Gibraltar Regiment have returned from a recent training exercise that took place in Garelochhead, Scotland.

During a distinct three-phase exercise, Ex. Jebel Tarik consisted of survival training with 43 Commando, a blank-firing exercise and a live-firing package.

Each platoon took turns to go on the exercise, which took place over seven weeks, with one platoon deployed and the other conducting routine duties in Gibraltar.

“The first platoon deployed from Gibraltar to Scotland, arriving at Garelochhead camp before commencing survival training with 43 Commando,” a spokesman for the Royal Gibraltar Regiment said.

“On the soldiers’ first day, they conducted theory and practical assessments based on survival training.”

“The soldiers were taught how to build a shelter, build and maintain a fire and the principles of survival in arduous situations before being sent off in groups to put into practice what they had been taught.”

Royal Gibraltar Regiment’s Second Lieutenant Bailey said: “The most difficult aspect proved to be maintaining a fire in the damp and freezing conditions of Garelochhead in order to keep warm and cook the dinner.”

The platoons then returned to camp and conducted some build-up training in the surrounding areas, working from fire team up to section attack lanes.

Afterwards, the platoons deployed on to the training area to start the platoon level exercise.

The blank-firing training consisted of tactical actions at section and platoon level culminating in a platoon dawn attack where troops got to practice a number of soldiering skills, including the use of night visibility equipment, communications, and map reading.

The troops remained in the training area throughout and had to adapt to living in sub-zero temperatures.

On returning to camp, the platoon was escorted to the Barry Buddon Military Training Camp in Dundee, to conduct a live-firing package.

During the final week of training, the troops completed assurance shoots on individual weapons and section and platoon weapon systems which progressed into working in teams up to a platoon level live attack.

The Officer Commanding I Company, Major Garcia White, commented on the success of the exercise.

“Exercise Jebel Tarik 23 provided I Company with an opportunity to train in an unfamiliar environment which tested the soldiers’ resilience and adaptability,” he said.

“The exercise met and surpassed its objectives and qualifies the Rifle Company to conduct its tasks and missions in Gibraltar and abroad.”

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