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RGP aims to free up 50 parking spaces occupied by derelict vehicles

Over a dozen derelict vehicles were towed away yesterday as part of campaign by the Royal Gibraltar Police to free up more public parking spaces.

Officers plan to remove up to 50 vehicles this week after targeting the car parks at Catalan Bay, Land Port Ditch, Camp Bay and Western Beach.

Vehicles with expired MOTs, dangerous damage that could injure the public and those that are in a dire state of repair were amongst those removed first.

One vehicle towed from Catalan Bay today had an expired MOT from 2004, while another was kept in place by several rocks placed behind its tyres.

Since yesterday, 16 derelict vehicles have been towed by the RGP.

Roads Policing Unit officer Stuart Anson said: “We have done an exhaustive operation searching for derelict vehicles over the past few days and today we are removing the majority of them.”

“We hope to free up to about 50 parking spaces.”

“We’ve also been removing a number of damaged vehicles that could injure pedestrians walking past them due to jagged metal sticking out.”

A derelict vehicle ticket is £200, but this is reduced to £100 if paid within 14 days. The tow truck fee is £60 and storage at the compound is £15 per day.

If a vehicle is not collected by the owner, its details will be put in the Gibraltar Gazette, before it is disposed of at a later date.

Drivers can also contact the RGP to have a derelict vehicle removed.

“All you have to do is hand us your key and log book and we will tow it away and dispose of it for free,” the officer added.

“That’s why it’s pointless abandoning it, you’ll get a fine and compound fees.”

“Derelict cars have always been a problem in Gibraltar, we are probably removing about 20 a month on average.”

“We would remove more if we had more space in the compound.”

Any member of the public can notify the RGP of a derelict vehicle that needs to be removed.
To report a derelict vehicle or to get a vehicle towed away for free, contact the Roads Policing Unit by emailing

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