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School Years 3 – 4 Winner Daddy’s Heart by Krishaa Lakhiani

Johnny Bugeja

I lost him
He is gone
Lost in the wind
Blown away before seeing me grow into a big girl

I loved him so much
My own Superman
Flying in the sky with S on his chest
Saving the world one case at a time

But what we can’t see is most deadly
This is unfair, almost like a nasty prank
The cases stole his heart away from me
The cases stole, what I loved most dearly

Is his heart really gone?
Was he really just as fragile as others??
The wind blew him away
His heart is no longer home
No longer with me
No! Please!! I need him!

The wind took away
It took my daddy’s heart
But the wind also gave

There he was!
Standing on our doorstep!
Face of someone different
But heart just like my Daddy’s

He was home!
I knew it!
The tears rolled down my face
I knew he would come for me!
I just knew he wouldn’t leave me lonely!

Clutching him, I tried to look up
The face was different but he was there
My past tears, they could fill a cup
But now it’s fine, I guess life has some hope to spare

Judge Charles Durante comments:

School Years 3-4 Winner: Krishaa Lakhiani with Daddy’s Heart. A great deal of emotion has been packed into this heart-rending poem. Children transform their parents into demigods.

Here, a young girl casts her dead father into the role of Superman, a modern version of a god. The father has inexplicably gone, died, blown away by illness, overwork, ‘cases.’ She cannot understand how she has been deprived of her ‘daddy’s heart’.

However, someone else, with a different face but the same loving heart had taken the father’s place-a foster father, a kind uncle, a special friend? The return of the father in the form of another person is well managed- the wind took the father away, the same wind brought him back, albeit with a different body.

Loved ones are irreplaceable but human nature lives in the hope that someone else will fill the empty chair, conjure up that lost smile, and flood the heart with love again. A moving poem.

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