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School Year’s 6-7 Category Highly Commended The Gods by Dexter Rhys Michael Murphy

(In memory of my Grandpa)

When I dream of the gods, I see:
The power of Poseiden's thrashing waves,
The defying strength of almighty Zeus,
And, the burning love pierced by Cupid's arrow.

When I dream of the gods, I see:
The speed and swiftness of flying Hermes,
The joy that Iris brings through her rainbow of colour,
And, the love through a child's eye delivered by Leto.

When I dream of the gods, I see:
Heavenly skies and the force within,
And, the love of our ancestors shining down from above.
Be sure, our eyes may not see them, but our hearts know they are there.

Judge Charlie Durante’s comments:

“It’s so refreshing to find a ten year-old boy displaying such an impressive knowledge of Greek mythology. Here are some of the Olympians: Poseidon, Zeus, Hermes, each one described with his individual characteristics. They populate Dexter’s dream world, a world of troubled seas, flying arrows tipped with love, the arch of the multi-coloured rainbow, and the swiftness of the messenger of the gods with his magical sandals. The poem is dedicated to ‘my Grandpa’ so maybe it was his grandfather who inducted the poet into the fabulous world of the Olympians; if so, this gorgeous celebration of the gods will please both the deceased grandfather and, for the boy, serve as a prelude to many happy hours in the company of these fascinating creations of the Greek imagination.”

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