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Seven months later, first baby born in lockdown meets her Italian family

Gibraltar’s first baby born in lockdown Nina Sansolini, now seven months old, has at long last met her family in Italy.

At the time her Italian mother Rosa Venuti and Argentinian father Emilio, who have made their home in Gibraltar, were experiencing the most precious moment of their life alone and without the help of family.

Video calls where the only way the families were able to enjoy and watch Nina grow as the new parents waited for the lockdown and travel ban to Italy to lift as well as the arrival of Nina’s passport.

Just a few weeks ago the small family with new passport in hand boarded a plane and made the journey to visit Ms Venuti’s home in Italy.

“They welcomed us with delicious food, pictures, music, pink balloons and a big ‘BENVENUTA NINA!’ sign,” she told the Chronicle.

The new grandmother dedicated a lovely poem to her new grandchild.

“When we arrived Nina was a bit confused, she was looking around and she could not recognise her home, but in a few days she was already at ease and happy,” said Ms Venuti.

“And the whole family is in love with her, she is the first grandchild in my big family so you can imagine how hard it was to wait so long before to meet her in person.”

“It’s true, waiting makes everything more special,” she added.

While Nina has met her Italian family it will be some time before she can fly to Argentina to meet her dad’s side of the family there. At the moment travel is not permitted to the country, Ms Venuti explained.

At the moment, the family are unsure as to when they will return to the Rock.

“It looks we have to stay in Italy for longer, they cancelled our flight back and there isn’t any easy way to come back at the moment... so, I am going to enjoy a little bit more family time and support,” said Ms Venuti.

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