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Significant drop in Gibraltar’s carbon emissions, Govt says

Carbon emissions from power generation in Gibraltar have dropped significantly for the third consecutive year, the Gibraltar Government said yesterday.

Figures released by the Gibraltar Electricity Authority show that emissions dropped from 161,358 tonnes in 2016 to 152,287 tonnes in 2017.

That is a total of over 9,000 tonnes or nearly 6% less.

Emissions in 2017 were over 27,000 tonnes less than in 2014 or a reduction of 15.3% in three years.

In a statement, the Gibraltar Government claimed that the change to Low Energy Devices (LEDs) in all government work, including in public lighting, as well as in private properties will have made a contribution, as well as a number of as yet small solar installations.

It added that the Department of the Environment and Climate Change’s energy efficiency campaigns will also have assisted in this drop.

“This significant drop is despite an increase in the number of buildings in Gibraltar and shows that increased awareness and changes in behaviour are showing results,” the statement read.

“This reduction is even with the current use of diesel for power generation and is expected to become even greater when power is generated from gas.”

The reduction in carbon emissions means that less fuel will have been burnt, and will therefore correspond also to lower emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides.

Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change John Cortes said: “We have to congratulate ourselves as a community in the way we have taken ups the challenge in the global fight against climate change.”

“We have shown that every little bit helps.”

“Switching off lights and devices, changing to low energy lighting, and increasing the energy efficiency of buildings have been measures we have been encouraging since 2012 and are showing results. We must continue. Clearly we can make a difference.”

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