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Sky’s the limit for local man living with cerebral palsy

A 20-year old local man living with Cerebral Palsy was inspired to take part in a 15,000 foot tandem skydive after watching a series of videos on YouTube.

Kydon Mena collected £300 from friends and family and set off to Seville last Sunday to carry out the “challenge of a lifetime” which he felt he had to do.

Mr Mena told the Chronicle: “This was a very good experience for me.”

“I was nervous but I really enjoyed the thrill of it.”

Kydon Mena

When Mr Mena told his friends and family that he was going to undertake the challenge, he said they were quite surprised by his mission.

However they saw his determination when he began collecting money and realised he was serious about this.

Cerebral palsy occurs before, during or shortly after birth and it affects muscle control and movement.

The effects vary from person to person and in Mr Mena’s case it affects his mobility and coordination.

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Before taking part in the skydive, he contacted the centre in Seville and explained his needs and began a strict exercise programme to strengthen his legs for the landing.

Mr Mena said the training was just part of the experience itself and took it on board.

He said: “A skydive is something I have always wanted to do and by doing it I hope I have proven to other people with disabilities that nothing is impossible.”

“If there is anything I want to do in life, I just set out to do it.”

“If I come across any difficulties, I work around it but I never say I cannot do it.”

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