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SNAG ‘sorely disheartened’ with St Martins’ updates

Archive photo by Johnny Bugeja.

The Special Needs Action Group said it is “sorely disheartened” with the delay in the announcements being given to parents of children attending Early Birds and St Martins School this September.
The school is due to open to students on Monday September 13, but parents have said they have not yet been given details about the school nor have they had the chance to pay a visit.
“The fact that the school is to commence later than most schools is something that was communicated to parents much later than reasonably expected,” SNAG said in a statement.
“Although the Education Department has worked very hard to see that alternative provisions have been made to cover for this late opening and to cater for the morning allocations of pre schoolers, the communication of information to parents has been delayed causing great anxiety and frustration throughout the entire summer break.”
“Given the date we find ourselves in, parents have still not been afforded a school visit to view the facilities and children have not had a chance to familiarise themselves with a new setting, something which is imperative for children with special needs.”
“Parents also need clarification of matters regarding transport provisions and arrangements and the equalisation of school opening and closing hours which are on-going issues that SNAG is continuously asking for updates on.”
SNAG said it hopes that the Department of Education will communicate news of the new school arrangements as early as possible and “hope to see that these children and families are afforded better forward management and communication”.

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