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SPONSORED CONTENT: Before giving up on any resolutions, beat ‘Quitters Day’ this year

Johnny Bugeja

Its 20 days into the New Year and yesterday was a day that is rapidly being referred to as ‘Quitters Day’, a day when people quit their New Year’s resolutions.

Breaking the habit can be tough for many, especially if they set unrealistic expectations for themselves.

But now is the same to avoid becoming a ‘Quitters Day’ statistic.

In a bid to combat Quitters Day, Ocean Village Health Club in conjunction with Atlantic Suites and Reshape and Rumble will help their clients continue their resolutions.

General Manager and qualified personal trainer Dan Torino has some words of advice for those who may succumb to Quitters Day temptation.

“A big factor that makes people think they can’t carry on anymore is that they have been taken out of their comfort zone,” he said.

“Probably a lot of people for the first time and they don’t like it. That is why it is called the comfort zone.”

“When you get out of that comfort zone it is not always a good feeling and it can be very overwhelming. But if you keep pushing and pushing your comfort zone gets bigger and bigger.”

“If you can just persevere a little bit through those times where you are telling yourself ‘I cannot do this anymore’ you will be much better off in the end and you will be thankful that you did persevere.”

A common reason why people quit is that they set goals that are difficult to keep to and Mr Torino advised people to set realistic goals and work from there.

He added the moderation is key for a successful diet.

“A bit of a cliché but balance, moderation is needed,” he said.

“Come and get your exercise, eat a good clean balanced diet and be patient. That is the key you have got to be patient and not expect instant results straight away.”

“Because if you got out of shape chances are it took you a lot of time to get out of shape. You can’t get into perfect shape in the blink of an eye.”

For people who are new to the gym and are unsure as to what to do Mr Torino recommends seeing a personal trainer.

Seeing a personal trainer might help push through Quitters Day a new year’s resolution to go to the gym.

“We have an unbelievable team here,” said Mr Torino.

“They will always give you stuff that you can handle, that is sustainable and that you will get a lot of benefit from.”

“We have people who specialise in running, people that specialise in injury rehab and prehab, people that specialise in the regular body building.”

Atlantic Suites Health Club also has a good range of personal trainers with many of the trainers providing services at both gyms, while Reshape and Rumble holds classes.

There is a range of classes available across all three facilities with “the classes at Reshape and Rumble being extremely popular,” said Mr Torino.

At the three venues he notes that there seems to be a niche for everyone, some people use the facilities strictly for cardio, others for free weights and others for classes.

“The great thing about being a health club is that it attracts a much broader spectrum of people,” he said.

“We have people that are well into their 70s, we have people in their teens, men, women and as well in terms of a general vibe what I found great when I first started working here is that every receptionist is basically friends with everyone that walks in.”
Looking ahead Ocean Village gym is set to undergo a renovation with new equipment due to arrive next month.

“The new renovation is a very exciting time and it is going to make this gym even better,” he said.

“The current spinning study is becoming a weightlifting area, there is going to be a squat rack, deadlift platform and the heavier dumbbells are going to go there. There is going to be more weight machines downstairs and all the cardio machines are going upstairs.”

“Essentially there will be a tonne more space. It is going to be a nice spacious gym.”

If you have woken up this morning and you are one step closer to becoming a Quitters Day statistic test out the methods Mr Torino has recommended.

This article is sponsored by Ocean Village Health Club.

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