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‘Take strength from our elders’, SDGG’s Buttigieg says

Johnny Bugeja

Richard Buttigieg, the chairman of the SDGG, called on Gibraltarians to take strength from past generations as they faced the challenges of Brexit and Covid-19.

In a pre-recorded National Day message broadcast by GBC, he said: “We are a people forged from the sacrifices of those before us, those who endured great hardship so that we can today proclaim our identity and proudly call the Rock our home.”

He said older Gibraltarians had borne the brunt of the public health crisis “with admirable fortitude.”

“So, whether it be in Gibraltar’s beaches, in your homes, or from afar, we should all take a moment to think about just how much of a debt of gratitude we owe our elders and pay them the tribute they so richly deserve,” he said.

“Let the younger generations emulate them, and let us all in Gibraltar stand together, united, to show the world that, come what may, the indomitable Gibraltarian spirit will never be broken.”

“We will remain steadfast in the defence of our right to self-determination. We will not allow anyone to dictate to us what we should be. We will be the only ones to decide our future.”

Mr Buttigieg said there was no doubt the future would bring risks, but said Gibraltar must work together to face up to “the Brexit storm.”

“We may even come out of it stronger and better,” he said.

“It remains to be seen but I have hope.”

“Perhaps given recent events, some may see Brexit in a different light. Maybe, just maybe, our neighbours may also see us in a different light given how well our Government has treated their people.”

“But if they do not, if they persist with their outdated agenda, let them, and anyone else, be under no illusion: Gibraltar belongs to the Gibraltarians; it is our land, and it is, and will forever be, our home.”

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