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Tangier-based radio station broadcasts virus advice to Moroccans in Spain

by Maria Jesus Corrales
The Morocco-based radio station, Cap Radio, has recorded advice on coronavirus in Arabic to reach out to its listeners in the Moroccan communities living across Spain.

The sound clips will explain the current state of emergency imposed in Spain to control the spread of the virus, explaining the restrictions on movement on individuals.

At present people living in Spain can only leave their homes to go out to buy food or medicine, seek medical help, help dependent people or go to work.

A Policia Nacional spokesman told the Chronicle this is a popular Tangier-based radio station with the Moroccans living across the country, including the Campo.

The information disseminated over the radio explains that no one can go out in a car, unless there is a justifiable reason, and that there will be sanctions imposed if anyone breaches these rules.

People are being told that only one person in a household can go to make purchases, and not to greet anyone with a handshake.

The sound clip will also advise people not to hold social gatherings or visit families or friends, and to remember that “the measures are in place in order to protect and guarantee the safety of everyone facing the pandemic”.

The Moroccan community is being told that they must comply with these rules “in order to help win the battle against a common enemy that is a threat on all our lives”.

Cap Radio is transmitted across the north of the country, including the Rif region, both in the Berber language and the Moroccan Arabic dialect.

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