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TG says Gib suffers from ‘underemployment’

Photo by Eyleen Gomez.

Together Gibraltar on Tuesday said that outside of a small selection of industries, Gibraltar suffers from an “underemployment issue”.

It said the Government has said “absolutely nothing to address its own figures that show Gibraltar is very clearly failing to retain talent or create opportunity outside of a tiny selection of industries”.

The party was responding to a statement from the Gibraltar Government which said it was surprised to see Together Gibraltar “lamenting a lack of local job opportunities”, adding that there are “two jobs available for every local resident who is active at work”.

At the heart of this exchange is a survey being carried out by Minister for Economic Development Sir Joe Bossano who said preliminary data found that less than half of Gibraltarian graduates are returning to the Rock after completing their degrees.

“Outside of these sectors, Gibraltar absolutely suffers from an underemployment issue,” Together Gibraltar said on Tuesday.

“These are workers taking on low paying jobs because of a lack of jobs where they can use their skills.”

“Speaking to young Gibraltarians it is clear that access to stable employment with meaningful development opportunities is a major concern.”

“Speaking to recent graduates who have not stayed in Gibraltar, it is also clear that this lack of opportunities has contributed to them leaving the Rock.”

TG also said it was “asinine” for the Government to use a press release about employment to attack the party's “progressive and feminist credentials”.

“It is this GSLP/Liberal Government that has failed to address the policy issues holding women back in the workplace: notably reproductive rights, and unequal parental leave,” the party said.

“Despite recent self-congratulations, the GSLP/Liberals spent two whole terms in power before lifting a finger for reproductive rights.”

“An action forced, not by any of the Government's supposedly socialist or liberal values, but through the tireless work of local activists and, alone in Parliament, Marlene Hassan Nahon.”

“This lack of values can be seen in another point the Government's bizarre press release failed to address: that there is still zero statutory parental leave for men in Gibraltar.”

“An issue which reinforces the patriarchy the GSLP/Liberals claim to oppose.”

“This lack of action is precisely why Together Gibraltar states that certain politicians 'stand for nothing'.”

“TG would once again like to remind the public that these Government press releases are funded by taxpayers.”

“Despite No.6's excitement to attack a new face on the political scene, we should expect its statements to be accurate, relevant and productive.”

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