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There is a better way

By John Montegriffo

I dare to believe that on the 18th October we will all be waking up to a new exciting reality. I dare to believe that we will have a Government that will robustly position Gibraltar to weather the challenges that the next few years will throw our way. I dare to believe of a TG Government, where we can put aside our petty tribal differences and do what we Gibraltarians do best in times of adversity; unite, roll up our sleeves and face the future with positivity, pragmatism, innovation and hard graft.
Over the months that I agonised on whether to throw my hat into the morass that is Gibraltar politics, it was clear that only one party resonated with me, Together Gibraltar. Like many of you, I was simultaneously bemused and enraged when I tuned into live broadcasts of our Parliament to watch what was akin to debating society of self-absorbed individuals trying to outsmart each other, characterized by humiliating put downs, character assassinations and a blame culture that continually drags up the perceived failures of previous administrations going back decades. This is a Parliament that is costing all of us over £1.4 million, just in salaries! Gibraltar deserves better! I know that many of you have had enough.
As the TG spokesperson for Social Services, Youth and Drugs I can think of many more creative ways of spending that money, to bring about significant change in the lives of hundreds of the more underprivileged and deprived members of our community.
We have all been subjected to shameless posturing recently, of projects completed in the nick of time, expect more of these. I know you will see through this, you are much more intelligent than that. TG have the maturity to give credit where it is due, we are a positive party. Sure, we have seen many new facilities and infrastructure projects that will benefit many Gibraltarians. However, how these have been rolled out has been at the expense of the living environment of many members of our community, where no expense has been spared to have these ready in time to create photo opportunities for some? In the meantime other less glamorous but important projects are conveniently neglected such as a waste disposal plant, airport tunnel and rental accommodation for the hundreds of Gibraltarian families who have not benefitted from living in the, apparent, 3rd richest economy in the world. In the meantime the outgoing Government’s biggest tool is fear; is it, as they say, fear that we are novices and can’t be trusted or is it fear of them losing their grip on power?
TG intends to challenge an opposition that appears happy to remain in their comfort zone, showing little dynamism and a Government that acts with an unaccountable swagger, confident that they can do what they want with our future and are happy to mortgage this upon the altar of political expediency.
TG comes with a confident, bold and achievable manifesto that will stand Gibraltar in the best position politically, socially and economically. We will be able to face the future confidently. Where new pillars of the economy will be developed and existing ones strengthened. Where we will enjoy truly independent, professional public and social services that will meet the needs of businesses and the whole community. Where we will be transparent in the manner we conduct our affairs on your behalf. Where our social cohesion will be enhanced and the divisions caused by the ‘has been’ political classes will be a thing of the past.
Believe in a better way!

John Montegriffo is a candidate with Together Gibraltar at the forthcoming general election.

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