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Thousands of drivers caught speeding

Photo by David Parody

The Ministry for Transport and the Royal Gibraltar Police have levied criticism at those who ‘endanger lives’ by speeding, as data shows that more than 4,000 drivers have been caught flouting Gibraltar’s speed limits since fixed cameras were installed in May.

According to statistics provided by Paul Balban, Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, during a recent question and answer session of Parliament, between May and mid-September 4,201 drivers have been caught by the cameras exceeding the speed limits.

Additionally, 22 people have been caught travelling at speeds in excess of 100kph, including three individuals caught travelling at between 130 and 180kph.

The majority of speeding offences were clocked during the months of July and August.

In response to questions posed by the Chronicle, the Ministry for Transport said: “From the figures presented in Parliament, it is evident that there are a small number of people who insist on breaking the law to the detriment of all road users.”

“Their irresponsible attitude towards the speed limit endangers life.”

“The RGP are enforcing the road speed limits and the Government considers the speed cameras to be a valuable tool to assist policing.”

For its part the RGP said it is supportive of all initiatives designed to increase the level of road safety in Gibraltar and curtailing irresponsible behaviour on all our roads.

“Whilst the installation of fixed speed cameras has had a desired effect, there is still a proportion of road users who continue to exceed the speed limit,” a police spokesman said.

“The RGP working in partnership with the Ministry of Transport and other stake holders will continue to raise awareness, provide advice and enforce traffic legislation as required achieve this goal.”

Police continue to use traditional detective work alongside the new technology to catch drivers and motorcyclists who repeatedly flaunt Gibraltar’s speed limits.

Although rear number plates cannot be detected on a front facing camera, police have identified speeding motorcyclists through, for example, the clothing and helmets worn by the driver to prove evidentially that he or she exceeded the speed limit as picked up by the cameras.

Only this week a motorcycle driver who was caught on forward facing cameras on three separate occasions and was identified using traditional investigative processes, was arrested and appeared before the Magistrates’ Court and is currently awaiting sentencing.

And, earlier this month a 21-year old man was charged with 52 counts of speeding. The offences, which were all captured by fixed speed cameras, were committed between June and August this year with the highest speed recorded exceeding 80kph.

Photo by David Parody

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