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Three Gib regiment recruits complete army training

Three Royal Gibraltar Regiment recruits have completed an important stage of their military training.

Private Alexander Burnett, Private Ian Goodes and Private Daniel Darby first began their demanding training programme 14 months ago at the Army Foundation College in Harrogate North Yorkshire after passing a range of challenging selection tests.

The College trains young people to become Junior Soldiers for the various Corps and Regiments of the Army and students must be aged between 16 years and 17 years and 5 months when they start their training. In total the initial course is 49 weeks but it includes eight weeks holiday. The recruits are taught a wide range of subjects including Fitness training, Military knowledge and Battlefield casualty drills.

Private Darby, who is 17 years old said: “I joined the Royal Gibraltar Regiment because I wanted a career that offered a variety and opportunities. I am pleased I chose this career path of going through AFC Harrogate as I have been able to get my education together with the military skills the College offered. I am now looking forward to settling in and reuniting with both of my brothers, who are also serving with the RG”

After completing this “Phase 1” training the recruits attend the Infantry Training Centre at Catterick, North Yorkshire. The centre trains all the Army’s infantrymen and produces some of the best infantry soldiers in the world.

Pte Burnett who is 17yrs old said:“I joined the Army because I wanted to do something different and challenging. Both my Grandfather and my Uncle served in the Forces and I wanted to make them proud. I have really enjoyed my time in Harrogate and Catterick, as the training has been tough, but enjoyable. I have tested my self on exercise both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to getting back to Gibraltar, where I can make new friends and get the chance to go on Exercise with the Regiment abroad.”

All recruits attending the training centre at Catterick must be prepared, arrive with a positive attitude, be ready to learn, and to be challenged both mentally and physically. Individuals usually find that Army life is very different experience to what they are used to and they need to adjust quickly to the disciplined and lifestyle.

Private Goodes, who is 18 years old, said: “I decided to join the Army at the age of 16 as it gave me the opportunity to get my education alongside my military skills. I have enjoyed most aspects of the training, as part of it was tough at times, but it was all worth the hard work in the end. I am now looking forward to getting back to Gib and joining my Battalion where I can further my skills and have the chance to go on Exercise abroad.”

During training, recruits are taught the importance of discipline, integrity, loyalty and respect for others. They learn that being a soldier is about putting others first and having the courage to do the right thing in any given situation.

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