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Together Gibraltar rejects GSD’s ‘condescending’ criticism on drugs policy

Together Gibraltar

The political row over drugs policy continued yesterday as Together Gibraltar hit back at the GSD criticism of its stance on decriminalisation.

Together Gibraltar cited the GSD’s own policy of using education, awareness and support for those caught with small quantities, turning to punitive measures “only when that fails”.

“It is incredible that a party with so many lawyers and QCs in it, does not understand that ‘not criminalising in the first instance’ is basically what decriminalising means,” Together Gibraltar said in a statement.

“Decriminalisation is not about caring less; it is about adopting a less punitive and more therapeutic, sustainable and rehabilitative approach to drug addiction.”

“But the more logical explanation is that the GSD, by feigning outrage, and imitating the GSLP’s buzz words such as ‘dangerous’, wants to pander to conservative sectors of society, while at the same time attempting to avoid alienating drug victims.”

“This is the politics of cowardice. Zero conviction once again. Being all things to all men. Basically GSLP V2.0.”

Together Gibraltar referred to comments made on social media by Isaac Massias, a former police chief inspector who spent 37 years in the force including 11 in the drug squad.

Mr Massias “…came out on social media applauding Together Gibraltar’s brave, well researched, and forward-thinking policy,” the party said.

Stay Clean, a non-profit organisation which deals with drug addicts every day, also supports Together Gibraltar’s move.

“Further, it is unbelievably condescending for the GSD to think that they have the right to shape Together Gibraltar’s policies as well as their own,” the statement added.

“Perhaps Mr Llamas should write to all the governments around the world who have decriminalised drugs with substantial and proven benefits to their respective societies, and ask them to change their policies too.”

“Gibraltar deserves a real alternative and therefore the only home for people who understand that they are not being listened to is Together Gibraltar.”

“Mr. Llamas has only offered a muddy alternative which doesn’t clarify whether the addict gets support and education when found with drugs, or criminalisation and punishment, so as not to upset anyone.”

“As usual the GSD doesn’t have a vision or dare to show leadership by being clear and honest about anything they ever say.”

“The GSD is only a cheap imitation of the GSLP and therefore not a real alternative for the future needs of this community. What this community needs is honesty, conviction and vision.”

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