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Water reserve levels increase, but public urged to use for essentials only

Water reserve levels at AquaGib's Reverse Osmosis Plant at Governor’s Cottage are increasing, the Gibraltar Government has confirmed, as it reminded the public to use water for essential purposes only.

The Deputy Chief Minster, Dr Joseph Garcia, this morning chaired the 10th Strategic Coordinating Group meeting at No.6 Convent Place, alongside the Minister for Civil Contingencies, Samantha Sacramento.

The Government was updated on the latest progress since its last briefing held last night.

"I have just finished chairing, alongside the Minister for Civil Contingencies, the Hon Samantha Sacramento, the 10th meeting of the Strategic Coordinating Group dealing with the water disruption," Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Joseph Garcia, said.

"It is clear that the water disruption situation is improving with most areas in Gibraltar now having potable water at home."

"Regrettably, there continues to be a significant amount of disruption to the lower South District area and every effort is being made to resolve this. I have convened another SCG meeting for this evening where the Government expects to receive a further update from the experts at AquaGib."

"Although the situation is improving, it is important to bear in mind that as we approach the working week, demand on the AquaGib production of water will increase and this may result in further fluctuations to water supply across Gibraltar."

"The Government will continue to keep members of the public informed with any further developments as and when they arise."

The AquaGib Reverse Osmosis Plant at Governor’s Cottage has continued to produce potable water overnight with water reserve levels increasing because of this and together with the overnight general restriction.

The advice the Government continues to receive from the technical experts at AquaGib is that, although the plant is producing a substantial amount of potable water for the network, stocks need to be replenished first and this may continue to result in a fluctuation of water flow across Gibraltar for a number of days, particularly during the working week which normally sees an increase in demand.

"Despite the progress that has been made, pumping into the reservoirs in order to regain water pressure continues to be a priority so that potable water continues to be available," the Government said.

"The public is reminded that water should be used for essential purposes only and should refrain from using it for anything other than what is absolutely necessary at this time."

"At present, the advice from AquaGib is that most areas in Gibraltar have access to potable water, however, the lower South District area from the Trafalgar interchange to Europa Point continues to be affected."

"AquaGib have advised that this is due to the location of the pipe in the reservoirs supplying potable water to the South District."

"They have advised it is not yet clear whether the supply will be able to be resumed today and every endeavour is being made to expedite this process."

In the meantime, the Government said it is mindful there are people in this area who have not had water at home for a number of days and have asked AquaGib to re-divert the potable water bowsers to the affected areas of the South District.

As of midday this morning, four more tankers from Spain containing potable water have been unloaded and pumped into the AquaGib distribution network at Hesse’s reservoir, with this continuing throughout the day.

Members of the public are reminded that there is an AquaGib helpline for anyone elderly, vulnerable or with disabilities who can call 20073659 or email:

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