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Which words has Collins dictionary included in its Brexicon?

By Alex Green, PA Entertainment Reporter

Collins Dictionary has released a list of words which have come into use since the EU referendum of 2016.

Collins said the 10-strong list, dubbed the Brexicon, marks "the latest chapter of the Brexit story" and details the "10 words that Brexit has brought into prominence, for better or worse".

This is the full list:

- Brexiteer - noun - a supporter or architect of the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union

- Brexiety - noun - a state of heightened anxiety triggered by concerns about the imminent withdrawal of Britain from the European Union

- Cakeism - noun - a wish to enjoy two desirable but incompatible alternatives

- Flextension - noun - An informal agreement to extend the time allowed for payment of a debt or completion of a contract, setting a new date that can be altered depending on future events

- Milkshake - verb - to throw a milkshake or similar drink over a public figure to humiliate him or her

- No-deal - adjective - denoting a situation in which two parties fail to reach an agreement about how to proceed

- Project Fear - noun - a name given to any political campaign that seeks to arouse public alarm about proposed changes to the status quo

- Prorogue - verb - to discontinue the meetings of (a legislative body) without dissolving it

- Stockpiling - noun - the activity of acquiring and storing large quantities of goods

- Remainer - noun - a person who believes Britain should remain in the European Union

See also the related derogatory term, Remoaner - noun - a person who continues to argue that Britain should remain in the European Union despite the result of the referendum of 2016.

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