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Wildcat trial flight on the Rock

The new RAF Lynx Wildcat helicopter is conducting trials on the Rock.

The aircraft is due to take to the sky again today between 2-5pm.

The helicopter arrived in Gibraltar last Thursday having being transported in a military aircraft and is due to leave before the weekend.

The Lynx Wildcat’ will perform a variety of roles such as anti-ship, anti-submarine, ship protection, casualty evacuation, battlefield reconnaissance and general utility, but it will bear the suffix HMA, which stands for ‘Helicopter Maritime Attack’.

The helicopter’s engines are considerably more powerful than its predecessor providing much improved performance when operating in hot environments and at high altitude, said the MOD.

“A completely redesigned tail, which is the greatest visual difference between old and new, also allows for a more powerful tail rotor system, as well as improving the aircrafts strength and stealth qualities with its ‘diamond’ profile.”

“Cutting-edge targeting systems, similar to the Apache gunship, and a 360° full-colour surveillance radar, will help crew pick out their prey and if necessary engage them with two new missiles systems specifically being developed for use on the aircraft,” the MOD added.

Photo by David Parody


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